How much is full coverage pet insurance?

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Your furry buddy's health is protected by pet insurance, which is not as expensive as you may imagine — in some cases, it might cost less than a cup of coffee. Complete pet insurance ensures that your pet receives the greatest care by covering mishaps, diseases, and even regular check-ups. If you care about your pet, insure them, and Homebody can help you do it on a budget.

You may have heard of pet insurance from your friends or neighbors. And that is alright, even if you have questions bothering you.

When it comes to our pets, it is best to have insurance. And you the reasons in this guide. 

You might think pet insurance is not necessary. Still, pet insurance is a valuable tool that can provide financial protection and peace of mind regarding your pet's healthcare expenses.

But do you know how much full coverage pet insurance actually costs? 

Luckily, full coverage pet insurance is more affordable than you might think! It is as cheap as coffee price.

Stay till the end of this comprehensive guide. You will learn full coverage pet insurance, exploring the cost factors, coverage options, and considerations to help you make the right decision for your beloved pet. 

Also, you will understand some tips and tricks to lower your costs even more!

What Does Full Coverage Pet Insurance Cover?

To give you an idea of what full coverage pet insurance means, you should understand that full coverage is an essential accident and illness policy with more coverage added on. 

In this section, you will learn what pet insurance covers, such as a basic policy and full coverage, and show what even the FULLER range looks like with a custom plan. 

Basic Accident and Illness Pet Policies Overview

Accidents Coverage

Basic pet insurance policies provide financial protection for accidents that may occur to your lovely pet. It includes injuries from broken bones, lacerations, or injuries sustained in car accidents.

Illnesses Coverage

Basic plans also cover various illnesses that your pet may experience. From common ailments like ear infections and allergies to more severe conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or urinary tract infections, your pet's health needs are addressed.

Limited Diagnostic Tests Coverage

Basic accident and illness policies may cover some diagnostic tests, such as blood tests. However, coverage for extensive diagnostic procedures like X-rays or ultrasounds may be limited or not included.

Partial Coverage for Surgeries and Hospitalizations

If your pet requires surgery or hospitalization, basic policies may provide partial or unlimited coverage only for these expenses. However, the coverage amount might be limited compared to complete coverage plans.

Limited Medications and Treatments Coverage

Basic policies may cover some prescription medications and essential treatments for illnesses. However, specific specialized treatments, like chemotherapy or rehabilitation therapy, may not be fully covered.

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Extensive Protection for Your Pet With Full Coverage Pet Insurance

Diagnostic Tests Coverage

You want to make sure to take advantage of this. Complete coverage plans provide a more comprehensive range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, and other crucial screenings to accurately detect your pet's health concerns.

Extensive Surgeries and Hospitalizations Coverage

If your pet requires complex surgeries or extended hospital stays, full coverage pet insurance can significantly reduce the financial burden by covering a more substantial portion of these expenses.

Comprehensive Medications and Treatments Coverage

Complete coverage plans offer more comprehensive coverage for prescription medications, specialized treatments like chemotherapy, and rehabilitation therapy, ensuring your pet receives the best care.

Routine and Preventive Care

Full coverage may also include routine and preventive care coverage, such as vaccinations, dental cleanings, and wellness check-ups. This additional coverage helps you maintain your pet's overall health and well-being.

If you opt for full coverage pet insurance, you can provide your beloved pet with the highest level of protection.

It ensures they receive top-notch medical care whenever they need it. With extensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, diagnostics, treatments, and even routine care, you can rest assured that your furry companion is in good hands.

Customized Insurance Coverage for Your Pet's Special Needs

If you are a pet owner in search of customized insurance for your pet, do not worry. You are in a safe space - Homebody!

Custom policies offer the flexibility to tailor your pet insurance coverage to suit your pet's needs. Unlike standard plans, custom policies allow you to select the coverage components that align with your furry companion's health requirements and your budget. 

As a pet owner who loves their companion, here are some critical features that custom policies might offer:

Personalized Coverage Options:

With custom policies, you can choose the specific types of coverage your pet needs the most. Whether it's specialized treatments, alternative therapies, or coverage for specific hereditary conditions, custom plans give you control over your pet's protection.

Flexible Deductibles and Coinsurance:

Custom policies often allow you to adjust deductibles and coinsurance percentages. By fine-tuning these factors, you can find a balance between the premium cost and the portion of the expenses you're responsible for.

Unique Add-Ons:

Some custom policies may offer unique add-ons, such as coverage for travel-related emergencies, boarding costs, or even pet theft protection. These additional benefits can be invaluable in specific situations.

You can create a pet insurance plan that perfectly matches your pet's needs by choosing a custom policy. 

Customization ensures that your furry friend receives the best possible care without any unnecessary extras, making it a cost-effective and tailored solution for your pet's well-being.

‍These benefits are easily accessible with Homebody. You can send a message right away!

How Much Is Full Coverage Pet Insurance?

What would total coverage pet insurance cost? There is no need to panic.

We will likely have to pay more for full coverage versus accident and illness-only and limited range. 

To give you an idea of how much you'll be paying, the following table is what you'd expect to pay when shopping for different rates.

Pet Insurance Plans Compared

Full Coverage

Comprehensive protection for accidents, illnesses, routine care, and preventive treatments.

$50 - $80

Accident and Illness Only

Coverage is limited to accidents and illnesses only.

$30 - $50

Limited Coverage

Focuses on significant accidents and illnesses, excluding routine care.

$25 - $40

Customizable Coverage

Tailored to your specific needs, you choose what's covered and what's not.

Varies based on selections

Factors Affecting the Cost of Full Coverage Pet Insurance

Remember how important it is to understand the table above as a pet owner who loves to have a good time.

It is not precisely the end-all-be-all price you'll pay for full coverage pet insurance. 

For example, the average rate of full-coverage pet insurance in major metropolitan areas may be higher than lower cost-of-living areas. 

In truth, the average annual cost of full coverage pet insurance varies based on several interrelated factors–some of which you can control (see our tips section towards the end of this guide) and some of which you'll have to understand come from an insurer hedging their risks.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key factors:

  • Your Type of Pet
  • Your Pet's Age
  • Your Pet's Breed
  • Coverage Limits of the Insurer
  • Your Location
  • Your Other Insurance Policies

Your Type of Pet

Everyone loves their pet, but pet insurance companies see things differently

You'll have more predictable rates for common animals, such as a dog or a cat. However, for exotic species of animals–particularly those that require expensive medical care and treatments–you'll find your premiums to be higher.

Your Pet's Age

Is your pet getting up in their years? Your pet's age plays a role in determining the cost of pet insurance. 

Generally, younger pets have lower premiums compared to older pets. As pets age, they may be more prone to certain inevitable health conditions (such as arthritis), which can affect the average cost of coverage.

Your Pet's Breed

Going beyond just type, different dog and cat breeds have varying predispositions to specific health issues. 

Some breeds may be more susceptible to genetic conditions or hereditary diseases, which can also impact the cost of your dog insurance

For example, you'll find a purebred significantly more expensive to fully insure than the loveable rescue mutt that captured your heart.

Coverage Limits of the Insurer

Every insurance plan has its limits. The extent of coverage you select also affects the average cost of pet back insurance. 

"Full coverage" is admittedly a misnomer, as insurers have their definition of what "full" actually means. 

Full coverage pet insurance typically offers higher reimbursement percentages and annual coverage limits, which results in higher premiums.

Your Location

Depending on where you live, veterinary care can cost different amounts. The cost of living in Miami is definitely different in Idaho.

If you live in an area where veterinary services are generally more expensive, it may impact the monthly cost of pet insurance.

Do you understand the gist?

However, it should be noted that only some cities are necessarily more expensive than rural or remote locations. 

For example, you may pay more for a specialized veterinarian in a rural area if your pet can only be seen at more expensive facilities. 

Your Other Insurance Policies

Different pet insurance companies offer varying rates and coverage options, but having an insurance policy under the same company will often lead to discounts. 

And that is why anyone that has patronized us will recommend Homebody over and over again.

Finding the finest coverage at a reasonable price requires comparing quotes from several providers. Still, you may get substantial rate cuts by "bundling" with other insurance policies.  

Plus, you won't have to deal with another company–a headache no pet owner wants to deal with. 

At Homebody, we offer plenty of ways to bundle pet insurance company policies that you may already have, including renters insurance. 

Contact us now and see how much more affordable pet insurance may be! We have been waiting for your message.

7 Tips for Cheap Pet Insurance Coverage from Homebody to Save Money

If you have been looking for ways to lower your pet insurance costs while still getting the absolute best coverage money can buy, there is a way out.

That's why Homebody Insurance has you covered with these money-saving tips to get full coverage at a not-so-full price!

Hang in there and save yourself from wasting bucks.

Tip #1 - Choose a Higher Deductible

Higher deductibles = lower premiums. 

Choose a higher deductible when selecting your pet insurance policy. By doing so, you can lower your average monthly cost of premiums.

However, you'll want to keep enough cash earmarked for this deductible because your insurance won't kick in if you can't afford it.

Homebody Insurance offers a range of deductible options for you as a pet owner, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect balance between coverage and affordability. 

Tip #2 - Consider a Coinsurance Option

Adjust the coinsurance rate to lower your premium. Homebody allows you to customize the coinsurance percentage, making it easier to find a plan that fits your budget.

Tip #3 - Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Pet

This is one tip your dog, cat, or other pet will absolutely love you for.

Promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet to reduce future medical costs

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and inspections can improve your pet's overall health and the risk of specific health problems. 

It means extra playtime and plenty of walks!

Here are a few ways to keep your little one in shape:

Maintaining a healthy weight in your pet may lessen the chance of obesity-related diseases.  

  • Appropriate vaccinations and preventive care can also help prevent costly illnesses. 
  • Regular vet visits can catch any health issues early, which may result in more manageable treatments and expenses.

Homebody values proactive pet care and encourages responsible pet ownership. By prioritizing your pet's health and well-being, you not only enhance their quality of life but may also contribute to potential savings on future pet insurance costs.

Tip #4 - Enroll Your Pet Early

The sooner you enroll your pet in a full coverage policy, the better the chances of getting full coverage

Lock in lower rates by enrolling your pet at a young age. Homebody Insurance encourages early enrollment, offering affordable rates for younger animals. 

Securing coverage early can avoid potential increases due to age-related health risks. At Homebody, we will respond to you anytime, but enrolling your pet early is better.

Tip #5 - Look for Multi-Pet Discounts

Check if your insurer offers multi-pet discounts (most do). But at Homebody, we will always offer you discounts, and you need to verify for yourself. 

Insuring multiple pets under the same policy can lead to significant cost savings.

Tip #6 - Research Breed-Specific Insurance

For certain breeds with unique health concerns, breed-specific pet insurance providers can be a cost-effective choice. 

You'll have to shop around, but plenty of providers offer specialized plans tailored to your specific breed of animal, ensuring your pet's health needs are met affordably.

Tip #7 - Bundle with Other Insurance Policies

Save even more by bundling your pet insurance with other home or auto insurance policies. Homebody Insurance makes it easy to manage all your pet insurance provider needs in one place, offering additional discounts for bundled policies.

Take action today. Be proactive. Do not procrastinate. Contact Homebody Insurance! 

With these money-saving tips and customizable coverage options, you can protect your pet's health without overspending.

Take advantage of providing the best care for your furry companions - get started now!

Get Full Coverage with Homebody Today!

Full coverage pet insurance offers comprehensive protection for your pet's health and well-being. 

While the cost of full coverage pet insurance varies based on factors, it provides valuable financial support for accidents, illnesses, and associated veterinary expenses–things you'll undoubtedly encounter over your pet's lifespan. 

Homebody makes comparing quotes from different pet insurance companies easy to get full coverage. 

Get a quote today and enjoy the right full-coverage pet insurance plan that fits your budget and offers peace of mind for your pet's healthcare needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Full Coverage Pet Insurance:

Can I get full coverage of pet insurance for older pets? 

Yes, you can still get full pet insurance coverage for older pets. While premiums may be higher due to increased health risks, many insurers offer coverage options for senior pets.

Is there a waiting period for full coverage pet insurance? 

Yes, there is typically a waiting time before coverage kicks in with pet insurance policies. The waiting period is typically 14 days for illnesses and accidents, during which no claims can be made. However, depending on the insurer, the waiting period can be as long as 3 to 6 months.

Are pre-existing conditions covered under full coverage pet insurance? 

It is not precisely accurate even in complete coverage plans. Enrolling your pet insurance before any health issues arise to ensure maximum coverage.

Can I choose my veterinarian with full coverage pet insurance? 

Yes, full coverage pet insurance typically allows you to choose your preferred veterinarian or any licensed veterinarian in the United States.

Are hereditary or congenital conditions covered under full coverage pet insurance? 

Some full coverage policies may cover hereditary or congenital conditions if they were not pre-existing. However, coverage for these conditions may vary between insurers.

Does full coverage pet insurance include spaying/neutering or dental cleanings? 

Full coverage pet insurance may include spaying/neutering and dental cleanings as part of pet insurance cost and routine and preventive care coverage. However, reviewing the policy details to confirm specific inclusions is essential.

Can I use my full coverage pet insurance at emergency clinics? 

Full coverage pet insurance can be used at emergency clinics and specialty veterinary hospitals, offering financial protection during unexpected veterinary visits.

Does full coverage pet insurance offer reimbursement for alternative therapies? 

Is your pet looking for a spa treatment? If so, you might be happy that some full coverage policies may offer reimbursement for alternative therapies like acupuncture or chiropractic treatments.

Check with your insurer to see if these treatments are covered. Better still, contact Homebody.

Can I add more coverage to my full coverage pet insurance over time? 

Yes, some insurers allow you to adjust your coverage over time. If your pet's needs change, you may enhance your policy to provide more alternatives for coverage.

Does full coverage pet insurance have a maximum age limit for enrollment? 

Some insurers have age restrictions for enrolling in full-coverage pet insurance. It's best to inquire about their age limits for new policy enrollments with the insurer.

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